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I want to run away

Thank for this game :)))  ! @@ !

Thank u for playing :)

I really like the look of these assets, and you did a great job with them! Thank you :)

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Thank u :D

This game was well sexy. Hope you keep up the good work on future projects! Atmosphere/10

Thank U <3

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, visuals and concept was great, I also did have the audio bug but seems like you fixed it which is great! Good work :)


Thank you very much :)

Interesting game but i have a issue with audio in the beginning, before take the flashlight.

Yeah im really sorry for this bug, I fixed it already a few hours ago, thank you for playing :)

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Thank u very much <3

you can fall down map at the beginning

Thank you for your feedback, I'll try to fix it

so i really enjoyed this dispite there being a very annoying bug at the beginning and also i think you should put a hint in for the crane control panel but apart from that i loved the visuals of this game the atmosphere was brilliant and the story was pretty solid i just wish it was abit longer, gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to hit the sub button guys! thank you 

Really sorry about this bug im trying to fix it later, thanks for your feedback :)

THAT WAS FANTASTIC!  Great puzzles, great atmosphere, and interesting story!  5 stars!

Thank u a lot <3

thank you there is a bug in the beginning other than that its amazing i love this game

Thank you :) many players have this bug, I try to fix it tomorow :)

This was so good. Loved the style, story, and it was just a great all around horror game. 

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I m glad that you liked it, thank you very much :D

What a fishy fisherman ! hope you enjoy the vid and i ran into a bug so i kinda had to brake the game a bit :D


I enjoyed your Video, thank you for playing :

Deine Atmosphäre ist der wahnsinn. 

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Dankeschön :P

Really satisfying, small and short, but lovely made up. 

Tanks :)



Very cool! This would be even better if it was a bit longer.

Thank you very much :D